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The S.E.T. Bio-Smart-House is a future-oriented building technology that presents the various S.E.T. technologies and life-enhancing properties in individual modules. It combines modular natural and organic materials, cutting-edge and energy-efficient construction methods, renewable energy systems for own energy supply, as well as interior micro climate, on-site waste water and waste treatment systems, all integrated within an advanced “Smart home” System. The various modules can be combined.

The idea is to become complete energetic autonomous with zero pollution and zero liability for the environment.

1. Central Controlling and Monitoring unit (Smart-Home Technology)
2. LED – lighting technology
3. Wind turbine – to produce energy from wind power and exhaust
4. Photo-bioreactor – oxygen generator
5. “Proton drive” for the power supply
6. Exhaust unit
7. Air supply
8. Photovoltaic Systems
9. Central energy unit – incl. Storage
10. Solar thermal collector
11. Water treatment – hot water and used water
12. Water – reservoir for water including rainwater harvesting.
13. Water purification systems
14. Sewage system – sewage recycling waste food recycling

The Bio-Smart-House components


The S.E.T. smart home control unit is an advanced automation systems that provides the inhabitants with sophisticated monitoring and control over the building’s functions, from :

  • smart control lighting
  • multi-media
  • Security
  • window and door operations

as well as

  • control over the waste and water management
  • micro climate conditions
  • energy production systems


 The S.E.T. roof panels are integrated high tech elements where more functions are combined within several panel layers:

  • The first layer consists of a power-generating layer, the outer layer has a dirt-repellent surface. This photovoltaic layer consisting of a special prism glass, which splits the light waves in different spectra and brings it deeper into the lower layers.
  • The second layer is a new type of solar panels for heat generation
  • The third layer is the photo-bioreactor that converts exhaust gases and exhaust air in oxygen, biomass, oil or other substances

The S.E.T. roof wind panels capture wind energy and convert it into electrical energy by means of generators.


Water flows through a particular S.E.T. pipeline capillary system and produces energy.



The S.E.T. power equipment in the building is dimensioned in dependance of the potential consumption and has a modular design. These energy units can be combined with the other modules. The surplus energy is either feeded into the grid or stored in batteries.

Kinetic energy electric generator


Unique windmill electric generator


Bio-Photo-Voltaic generator


"Proton" drive



The S.E.T. Waste utilization module is based on a micro-biological treatment of waste water and conversion of food waste into humus granules.

Waste water is purified and the solid part of waste and waste water is converted into humus which is finaly pressed into humus granules.

These granules can be post-processed as required and by adding special minerals, processed to high quality humus.

Without the treatment in humus, the granules are stored and retrieved according to service.

Automatic monitoring unit reports the status and signals the level.



The S.E.T. improvement of the indoor micro climate conditions:

  • oxygen content
  • ionisation of air
  • humidity
  • temperature.

This technology has become indispensable for an optimal indoor air climate.

That an improvement of indoor air quality by a little technical effort is possible, it is recognized and used by more and more experts.



The construction of a house has no architectural limit. The basic materials are mostly required for renovations, expansion or remodeling.

The S.E.T. technology (by applying the concept of “Green architecture”) offers various architectural and constructional possibilities:

  • a combination of traditional and new, advanced, ecological building materials.
  • new impregnation technology to create even more valuable wooden building materials.
  • Dynamic design of partition walls.
  • Biologically flawless furniture.


In the construction of the Bio-Smart-Houses, a great value is placed on a high degree of shielding of electromagnetic pollution and other harmful frequencies.

Before the construction, the site is already analyzed to meet appropriate building actions for shielding against electromagnetic pollution, but also during the use of, the entire living space is monitored and protected by passive and active S.E.T. protection elements.



  • Dust-free home by clean and purified air and controlled ventilation.
  • Nano technology holds the walls of dust and dirt (lotus effect)
  • Use of S.E.T. Biological detergent with probiotic bacteria to to keep the apartment clean and hygienic