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Food waste recycling

Every year, the average person produces nearly 475 pounds of food waste. That adds up to a whopping 70+ million tons, making it the third largest component by weight in our landfills.

Big cities have a daily requirement of food waste recycling of more than 1000 tons daily.

Not only does this waste attract vermin, it emits odors and liquids that are toxic to the environment. The methane gas generated from food waste is 20 to 25 times more potent than CO2.

The S.E.T. food waste recycling process solves the problem of dumping large quantities of food waste into landfills where it piles up and pollutes the environment. This green technology food waste solution is a special composting process, which prevents the formation of methane.

During the  S.E.T. waste food recycling process, a humus soil with extremely high energy values is generated within 24 hours using a extremely fast biological  S.E.T. process and the quantity of the daily production of humus corresponds to the input quantity.

The mother-soil or humus is essential for life on earth and is an element of our existence.