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The ACTS Technology

TIME FOR CLEVER GREEN TECHNOLOGIES We and our partners share a strong respect and responsibility for our environment. We took the challenge to help solving our todays environmental and climate problems with clever and high innovational solutions and to make good business.

The technology that fullfills these aims perfectly is the new ACTS (Advanced Carbon Technology System)  technology. It makes a remarkable contribution to a clean and healthy environment and pledges to substantial gains.

With the new ACTS technology,  it is possible to turn almost any biological waste, plastics, as well as used tires and any rubber-steel compounds into very valuable final products: activated carbon, oil, gas,  and steel (in case of processing waste tires and rubber-steel compounds).


  • No emmissions. No pollution. Only valuable final products.
  • Any biological and plastic waste, as well as any rubber and rubber-steel compound can be processed.
  • Modular system. Easy to run and to maintain.
  • Positive energy balance. Low energy consumption. The system works completely energetically autonomous.

The activated carbon (one of the final products) is of such a high quality (up to 99% purity) that it is also good for the production of synthetic graphite, carbon fibers or industry diamonds.

Former procedures could only recycle a single or two substances, but destroyed the other ones during the recycling process. With the new ACTS-Technology the full potential of waste and tires can be recovered.

With ACTS there is no additional  waste, only valuable final products. The average quality of the final products is as follows:

  • carbon: activated carbon characteristics, with purity up to 99%
  • pyrolytic oil: quality and calorific value of fuel oil
  • gas: quality and calorific value of natural gas
  • steel (depending of input material): keeps all characteristics from the beginning of the process