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Healthy, fertile soil and waste utilization

Healthy soil is the foundation of the food system. It produces healthy crops that in turn nourish people. Maintaining a healthy soil demands care.

Plants obtain nutrients from two natural sources: organic matter and minerals. Organic matter includes any plant or animal material that returns to the soil and goes through the decomposition process. In addition to providing nutrients and habitat to organisms living in the soil, organic matter also binds soil particles into aggregates and improves the water holding capacity of soil. Soil is a living, dynamic ecosystem. Healthy soil is teeming with microscopic and larger organisms that perform many vital functions including converting dead and decaying matter as well as minerals to plant nutrients.

S.E.T. provides technologies to revitalise the degraded soil and provide the necessary nutrients and even to double production and multiples increased nutritional value of plants and their fruits.

Food waste recycling

A fast process for converting waste food in high valuable humus

Animal manure utilization

The new aproach in animal manure utilisation

Nano Bio technology

Increase of the humus bioactivity

Advanced Carbon Technology System

Production of high valuable carbon from waste

Bio+ products

Double growth speed and increased nutritional value