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Oxygen generator

Fast-growing plants for indoor micro climate change using the hydroponics technology. Hydroponics is the fastest growing sector of agriculture, and it could very well dominate food production in the future. As population increases and arable land declines due to poor land management, people will turn to new technologies like hydroponics and vertical farming to create additional channels of crop production. The plants do not have barriers to growth, such as day / night cycle, hot / cold fluctuations etc. The S.E.T. technology provides the plants ideal conditions to grow, as water, temperature and ongoing photosynthesis.

This conditions increase the amount of produced oxygen, which provides a firm and healthful space climate.

Hydroponics is a term applied to the cultivation of plants in nutrient solutions without the use of soil. It began in the 1930’s as outgrowth of the techniques used by plant physiologists in plant nutrition experiments. More recent methods of hydroponics differ in particulars but have two common features: (1) nutrients are supplied in liquid solutions; and (2) plants are supported by porous materials, such as peat, sand, or gravel, that acts as a wick to relay nutrient solution to the roots.

Designed with efficiency, simplicity, and maximum yield in mind, the S.E.T. oxygen generator is a cylinder-shaped hydroponic system that slowly rotates around a light source. It requires a little of space and the cylindrical design means the plants capture almost all of the lumens emitted by the system’s light source, meaning greater energy efficiency than traditional hydroponic systems.

As the cylinder rotates, it passes plants slowly through a feeding trough where plant medium absorbs only the water and nutrients that it needs. This results in strong, healthy, and pure growth and uses much less water than other methods. Interestingly, the machine’s rotation combined with gravity’s influence, compresses the plants, producing more internodes, or flowering sites, with stronger growth.

Taken together, this unique mixture of features produces a robust harvest. In fact, the S.E.T. team has found that they can get up to 3.5 times more in harvest per plant, on average, and this is all done without the use of any chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.

  • Main product: increased amounts of oxygen production
  • Plants which can be used: vegetables, medicinal plants of all kinds, fruits, etc.
  • Special features: three times increased growth speed, higher production of fruits and higher nutrient quality
  • Specific nutrients and minerals compiled by S.E.T. affect the growth and the nutrient quality by a multiple.