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Available clean water – “Healthy water program”

Water is necessary for the survival of most living things. In fact, dehydration–the lack of water–will kill an organism faster than starvation–the lack of food. Since the plants and animals that many humans and other animals eat also depend upon water, a lack of it could lead to starvation as well as dehydration. In addition to sustaining life, clean freshwater is needed by humans for personal hygiene, irrigation, industry, and recreation.

Each person on Earth requires at least 20 to 50 liters of clean, safe water a day for drinking, cooking, and simply keeping themselves clean.

The importance of clean water, coupled with its scarcity due to over-use, climate, and pollution, has resulted in increased concerns about water quality and quantity. These concerns have led to the developmet of S.E.T. “Healthy water program” which provides technologies to revitalise almost all poluted salt and fresh water areas.

Condition before the treatment
Condition before the treatment

The importance of this S.E.T. technology lies in the applicability of this technology in natural and artificial ponds, watercourses and their environment.

The main cause of water pollution are agriculture and municipal waste water, entering the biosphere. They worsen the water quality on the one hand and on the other hand tremendous amount of organic matter is sinking to the ground of the water. There they begin to rot and that brings a cycle in motion that brings the waters to “tilt”. Hydrogen sulfide and ammonia is built, the microorganisms die in such polluted waters and thus the entire stretch of water.

Condition before the treatment
Condition after the treatment

The measurement of the sludge in the first season showed significant decrease. In the early phase of treatment the hydrogen sulfide odor was eliminated and the biological state of the pond has come into balance.